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We have everything you need for a successful career as a freelance copywriter…

We have the world’s ONLY structured, comprehensive course for landing the high qummm-course-imageality, high paying clients — the acclaimed Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Course — a 24-module course that is now available as a Home Study Course without coaching.

Since 2003 this course has had a a tuition of $6,000 with coaching. It is no longer offered with coaching. But you can access it for FREE — without coaching — as part of your $299/yr S.S. Treasure Hunt membership. (See the long list of course accolades HERE.) Even if you don’t need the whole course, many copywriters use it year after year as a marketing and business resource.

We have the world’s ONLY structured Productivity course just for writers, Productive Profits™ for Freelance Writers — a 12-week course designed to help you get at least an extra $10,000 earnings per year simply by adopting productivity strategies that work for writers. No generalities here! Previously sold for $1,500.

And we have the world’s ONLY resource for statistical pricing and analysis of copywriting jobs — thefee-cover-3dCW Freelance Copywriters Fee & Compensation Survey™ — Volume I with 20 common copywriting jobs (2005), Volume II with pricing 40 additional copywriting jobs, and now Volume III for 2014.

Volume III is incredibly comprehensive, offering statistical pricing for nearly 90 copywriting jobs plus information on copywriter economics such as hourly rate and yearly income — for a total of up-to-the-minute 94 stats! (CLICK HERE to view a chart showing the copywriting jobs for which we now have Statistical Pricing Data.)

Volumes I and II originally sold for $125 per download. And while select Affiliates will be able to promote the 2014 Survey, all three Statistical Pricing Benchmark Reports are currently available here in the S.S. Treasure Hunt only!

With a client acquisition course, a productivity course, and statistical pricing for practically every copywriting job, you have an immensely valuable, ongoing resource for landing the world’s best clients and also pricing your work accurately!

In the Library you’ll find the Copywriters Marketing Roundtable — a robust collection of interviews with successful copywriters who share their many success secrets. Other resources are added to the Library on a random basis, many of them coming from our Crew and First Mates.

You’ll also find choice bits and pieces from the Influence IntelligenceNLP Copywriting Course — a 12-week course from early 2013 that was taught to a select group of just 14 copywriters. You’ll marvel at getting your hands on information that co-instructor Clive Cable had to pay $10,000 to learn! This is yet more information that can push you to the top in the copywriting world!

Need help with a pricing dilemma? A client acquisition problem? Simply use the Forum to get the answers you need. Or use the Members Directory to see who else is a member and PM them.

I know of no other resource that gives you these unique ways to boost your income as a copywriter — better targeting of quality clients, statistical pricing, and even writer productivity secrets. PLUS a two way communication via our Forum, and access to our First Mates — advanced copywriters who stand ready to answer your questions.

Plus you get ongoing support of myself, the “Captain,” and many other benefits.

In the Marlow Marketing Method™ course alone, there are hundreds of samples of copywriter marketing — from website pages and sales letters to branding and white papers that got huge response rates!

Not only does the S.S. Treasure Hunt offer personal service through our Forum, but it also provides you with resources that are simply not available anywhere else in the universe — more than 150 statistics on job pricing… a complete marketing library of hundreds of successful copywriter marketing campaigns… and a 12-week Productivity course just for freelance copywriters!

And it’s all self-paced. The S.S. Treasure Hunt is at your elbow every day of the year that you need to check pricing, meet new income goals, and simply make this your best year yet!

So… how much?

A pittance compared to the awaiting treasures!

The yearly membership fee for new Crew aboard the S.S. Treasure Hunt is just $299 USD — or 84 cents per day.

It’s a true bargain when you think of the times you didn’t know what to charge… and you wound up hating every minute of that job because you under-priced and you can’t get out of it. Painful!!! (We’ve all done it.)

Or when you needed to ask someone what to do about a sticky negotiating point that will either win you the job… or lose it. How much have your losses added up to? More than $299 I’ll bet.

How often do you bring in the hourly rate you expected? Most of the time? Some of the time? Rarely? How fast would you make back your $299 if you adopted some of the tactics in the Productive Profits™ course?

Heck — just having access to the 24 modules of the Marlow Marketing Method™ makes the $299 yearly fee a no-brainer… for access to that course alone you’re saving a whopping $298!

For a full year membership to the S.S. Treasure Hunt
for just $299 — here’s what you get:

• Full access to the Freelance Copywriters Fee & Compensation Surveys, with up-to-the-minute information on 90 copywriting jobs from a statistical study taken throughout all of 2013. Published in February 2014, this is a keyword-searchable database of practically any copywriting job you can think of. Each has charts showing pricing responses and each also has a short Analysis to help you in your analytic thinking. Also provides access to 60 additional copywriting analyses from 2005 and 2007, for comparison and additional insight (value $299)

• Full access to the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters self-paced client acquisition 24 module course with hundreds of successful copywriter campaign marketing samples, including modules for: Niching, Unique Selling Proposition, Website, Branding, Sale Letter, White Paper, List Building, Business Process, Case Studies and much more (value $597)

• Full access to the Productive Profits™ for Freelance Writers 12-week self-paced productivity course focusing on the four pillars for successful productivity: Your Organizational Life, Your Physical Life, Your Mental Life, and Your Emotional Life (value $1,500)

• An interactive Forum focused on Copywriting, Marketing, Productivity, Pricing and Contracts, and Accountability — a place where you can get quick answers to pressing problems (Value: priceless!)

• A robust Library where all kinds of cool things reside that will help you, the copywriter… such as industry White Papers, links to helpful resources, smart ideas, valuable recommendations, thoughtful suggestions and inspirations from members, and even the Copywriters Marketing Roundtable — interviews with mover-and-shaker copywriters who share their fascinating success secrets with you (value: members love it!)

• A Members Directory so you can network with other members and everyone can be connected and able to help each other

• A Members Galley where we post photos as a way to connect further

• A $100 Discount on s Who’s Mailing What! membership, which gives you access to thousands of direct mail and email packages being sent by all kinds of companies in B2B and B2C

• An S.S.Treasure Hunt Affiliate Opportunity — bring in 6 new members each year and your membership is PAID FOR!

By now the benefits of an S.S. Treasure Hunt membership should be clear…

…but even if you want access to just the Statistical Pricing information, or just the Marlow Marketing Method™ course, or just the Productive Profits™ course… or just the Forum… or just the Library… a yearly fee of $299 is a flat out bargain (and yes, you can opt out easily if for some crazy reason you don’t want to renew).

As always, I appreciate the experience and wisdom on hand,
nd I’m grateful to have this resource in my life.
robert-wedge- Robert Wedge Copywriting, Marion MA

So don’t wait a second longer… it isn’t easy to find this caliber of information all in one place, for such a reasonable price — and you simply can’t find the the most recent Copywriters Statistical Pricing information anywhere else!

A more important reason to join now, however, is that what is offered today may not be offered tomorrow. Those who know me know that I am always changing things, and you would not want to miss out on access to the courses and thousands of dollars worth of information that simply can’t be found anywhere else!

What’s more, I could temporarily close membership at any time as I have done in the past. So don’t fence sit… this is not the time for that.

Secure your spot now, and your access to information that can save you money and make you money for years to come.

Click the LET ME IN! button below to become a member of the S.S. Treasure Hunt.

Within a matter of seconds you’ll receive an email from me, your Captain, Chris Marlow.

The email will contain your access instructions.

We’ll see you aboard, Mate!

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