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3 ways copywriters scare clients off — and how to turn it around

Who’s more important… me, or you? As new copywriters prepare to market themselves, they’re often self-focused, insecure, and worried about losing the desperately needed job. But one of the first lessons a direct response copywriter learns is that it’s a mistake to focus on one’s self in marketing, because no one is interested in “you.” […]

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The embarrassing mistake many copywriters are making right now

Copywriters on my mailing list have been finger-wagging me a lot lately. And even some of my new coaching students are challenging my instruction! It all revolves around the proper use of Form Fields. And believe me, those of you who are using them wrong are losing business. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Recently […]

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Here’s the stupidest things freelance copywriters and clients do…

It’s really bonehead… But clients routinely leave their best money on the table. How so? By ignoring their customers. I know it sounds preposterous, but it’s true. Anyone who’s been a copywriter or in the direct response marketing field for very long knows that the vast majority of businesses spend most of their money and […]

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Dog is barking in the background… does it matter to your client?

I used to be so uptight. I thought I needed to put on a “hyper-professional” appearance for my copywriting clients and my coaching students. Over the years I’ve done everything to make sure there was no background noise during our phone conversations… including soundproofing the large window in my office. Yet just last month while […]

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Is It possible to treat your copywriting client ‘too well’?

GUEST POST Decades ago, in the far distant ’80s when I started my career in direct response, I remember reading an article by a grizzled old print salesman (yes, it was a salesman) to the effect that you can over service a client. At the time, I was inclined to think he was wrong (youth […]

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Copywriters and clients: Top 3 tactics for landing new business

There are two things that concern freelance copywriters most and they are #1) landing clients and #2) charging accurate fees, in that order. Today I’m going to focus on the three most effective ways to land clients, so you can start the year with a better plan than you might have had in the past. […]

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Stalking copywriting clients: how to make it pay off

Have you ever met your perfect match… in a client? But they barely know you’re alive? You’ve studied your market like you should. You love their product… maybe you even use it. Perhaps their office is right next door! But their copy is crap. You could do so much better. You could make money for […]

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10 reasons why sales letters bring more clients

Bob P. was in my (now defunct) LinkedIn Group, Copywriters and Direct Marketers Solve the Marketing Problem. He asked a question that bears repeating. Bob said: “What is the best way to get marketing people at companies to raise their hand and express interest in what a copywriter might be able to do for them? […]

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Why don’t I have more clients?

 “Why don’t I have more clients?” “Why don’t they pay me more?” “How can I get my foot in the door to prove myself?” “What the heck do clients want?” Good questions. Even veteran copywriters ask these questions, especially since it seems harder and harder to reach the real decision-makers. That’s your first clue: the […]

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