Finally there’s a new, more profitable way to learn copywriting!

Introducing the Marlow Method™ ‘Earn While You Learn’ Copywriting Course

Virtually any course you might take to learn copywriting will ask you to work on hypothetical writing assignments.

But what if you could take that time-and-money-investment and walk away with a piece of real copy that will bring you clients or sell your product?

Or what if you already have an assignment for a client but you could use some expert help to knock that promotion into the stratosphere?

Now your investment really is an investment… with the possibility of real results on the back end!

A new way to learn copywriting…

In a revolutionary approach to teaching copywriting, the Marlow Method™Earn While You Learn” Copywriting Course lets you learn direct response copywriting by working on an actual project… one that actually pays off for you!

Do you need more leads? Let’s get them.

Or maybe you’d like some direct sales from a product you sell. Then let’s focus on that.

According to a survey I did for this course, these are the top formats copywriters want to work on in this course:

• A lead-generating Home Page
• A Landing Page designed to get leads
• A Landing Page designed to get sales
• A Sales Letter designed to get sales
• A Sales Letter designed to get leads

Copywriters want to use these formats to gain new clients, sell their products, and quite a few also said they simply want to use this course to create impressive Portfolio Samples so they can boost their credibility. There is also strong use of this course to build out new side businesses.

So yes… this is what it’s all about! The Marlow Method™Earn While You Learn” Copywriting Course allows you to write copy designed to get real results for real marketing goals. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

If you land just one client with your Sales Letter, you could make back your investment right away. And if you plan to sell a product or service of any kind… wouldn’t it be nice to get the marketing in place… especially with expert help?

What if you don’t have a product? Then write copy for the product you will have.

Did you know that’s how Rodale Press does it?

They have their copywriters write the strongest copy they can around a product that doesn’t even exist yet… then they tell their project managers to build a product to fit the copy! How brilliant is that?

Or what about your spouse’s law practice… maybe you could create a Sales Letter that gets them leads. Or your daughter’s fundraiser for breast cancer… could she use a strong Landing Page for donations?

Maybe your client has a marketing challenge that you can help with… but you could use some help building it?

Let’s figure out what you can do in this course that you can put into action right afterward… so you can see the magic and the money-making power of your words!

Forget “spec assignments” where you toil for free and the client puts zero value on your work because they didn’t have to pay for it.

Forget “free work” that you sweat bullets over and then hand in with a hopeful heart… simply to be ignored by the would-be client. Or worse… later on seeing your unpaid copy being used!

No sireee… that kind of thing never happens to a Marlowite. Around here we get results, we make money, and we’re not subordinate to anyone!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this completely unique, pioneering, results-oriented 12-session Marlow Method “Earn While You Learn” Copywriting Course:

Session 1 – The Copywriters Mandate: Know Your Prospect
Session 2 – Proven Psychological Motivators That Work Like Magic
Session 3 – Headlines & Power Words
Session 4 – The Hypothesis and The Creative Brief
Session 5 – The “Big Idea,” the Concept and the Theme
Session 6 – The Hook, the Lead and “Greasing the Slide”
Session 7 – A Compendium of Powerful Lead Types
Session 8 – Features and Benefits
Session 9 – Offers, Premiums and Guarantees
Session 10 – Meeting Objections
Session 11 – The Call to Action
Session 12 – Bullets, Transitions and Putting It All Together

Who’s teaching?

I’ll be teaching the course, and if you don’t know that much about me, let me give you the highlights…

• More than 30 years ago, I cut my teeth on the incomparable Gary Halbert and then went on to become Senior Copywriter for Rosen/Brown, which at the time was one of the world’s top direct response agencies (…where I was force-fed highly successful direct marketing for 8 exhausting years)

• Award-winning copywriter for exceptional response rates, including two International ECHO Awards (world’s top award for direct marketing!), plus stints as an International ECHO Awards Judge

• Millions sold for Fortune 500s (e.g., Microsoft, Disney, Toyota) and leading B2C Health Publishers like Frank Cawood & Associates (FC&A)

• Built a thriving business in 2003 as the industry’s first copywriters coach

• Coached staff copywriters at mega-corps such as Intuit and Wal-Mart to teach them everything I know about copywriting

• Built “multiple streams of income” products — including Marketing, NLP, and Productivity courses, branded ebooks, special reports, on- and offline workshops, a membership site, the world’s only database of Statistical Pricing for more than 100 copywriting jobs, and

• I still write copy for select B2B and B2C clients

So bottom line, since 2003 I’ve successfully built a coaching business and information products business solely on my copywriting and marketing acumen. I can show you how to use copywriting to open up new profit opportunities for yourself, too!

So where will it be and what does it look like?

The Marlow Method™ “Earn While You Learn” Copywriting Course resides inside my sailing-themed membership site, the S.S. Treasure Hunt, and students enjoy one-on-one coaching in order to ensure that the work they do meets real-world standards.

Not only do students learn from me — a master direct response copywriter with millions in sales and the industry’s highest recognition — but I’ve also added the best from other copywriters I respect, both living and deceased.

So feel confident in the instruction you’re getting, because you’re getting the absolute best from the top sources, and I know them all.

What’s more, the course is loaded with examples of great copywriting — both historical and contemporary. Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when you can learn from successful lead- and order-generating Print Ads, Magalogs and Direct Mail from today’s world… campaigns for leading marketers like Ogilvy, Weiss Research, Bottom Line, Dell Computer, TRW, and more!

Furthermore, if you’re planning to become a copywriter, you can go right from this course to the acclaimed Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Course, which shows you the marketing side of getting clients. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Getting started

First, decide what you want to achieve with your “earn while you learn” copywriting project. Rather than writing a useless exercise, you’re going to create something that gets results. Perhaps you need more clients? If so, then your copywriting goal is to get more qualified leads.

Or maybe you have an ebook or info-product to sell. In that case, your goal is to write copy that gets a sale (or rather, lots of sales).

Next you’ll need to decide how you’re going to generate those leads or sales. What format will you use? A Home Page designed to get leads? A Landing Page designed to get sales? A Sales Letter to be mailed to potential clients? These are the most common formats for leads and sales.

Some copywriters just want to create a solid portfolio piece. Not a problem. Just make sure it’s a piece that gets leads or sales! In this course your project will meet objections and have a call to action… we are not creating content here.

I suggest you read each module of “Earn While You Learn” at least once, before you do anything. Then decide what your goal is (Leads? Sales? A Portfolio Piece?), and what format you’ll be using.


ball dresses nz“You absolutely were worth every penny that I spent to learn copywriting from a professional such as yourself. I feel that I could have spent more and still received my money’s worth!

“Again, thank you for your patient and caring attitude as I made my way through the course as a newbie. You are the best.”

—Kim Green, Video Copywriter, Santa Fe, NM

Here’s what you’ll get in the Marlow Method™ “Earn While You Learn” Copywriting Course:

• Lessons built on the trainings, wisdoms and insights of the legends in historical and contemporary copywriting and marketing, including Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, Joe Sugarman, John Caples, Victor Schwab, Joan Throckmorton, Robert Cialdini, and more (including, of course, my own work for clients and in direct response agencies)

• One complete order-generating or lead-generating work designed to bring either leads or sales; this work can be for attracting clients or for selling any kind of product or service, such as an info-product, book, training or a physical widget of any kind. Suggestions are Home Page, Landing Page, or Sales Letter. Have something else in mind? Run it by me! I’m quite surprised by some of the unusual businesses I see being built from this course.

• Full oversight every step of the way, to make sure you learn “master level” copywriting while at the same time creating your first money-making piece.

• Intensive course allows you to learn a highly profitable skill in just 12 weeks and at an extremely reasonable fee. Compare other “so called” business opportunities!

There is just one caveat… and that is that I don’t accept everybody. You must show an aptitude for writing or you will not be accepted. I do not take “everybody’s money” and then rejoice when “one” or “two” make it. Noooo hoho… Only winners come out of my programs and so I screen carefully for a perfect fit.

So if you can string a sentence together… and then turn it into a comprehensible paragraph — without grammatical errors or mistakes in punctuation — you’re in. If not, then best that you go back to “skool” until you’re ready for the big time.

If you can write a short blog post that others can read and comprehend, you are a candidate for this course. All applicants must supply a writing sample even if it has never been published. Do know that since Chris Marlow is teaching, coaching slots are limited.

Please email Chris at chris AT chrisrmarlow DOT com directly to see if time slots are currently available. Put “Copywriting Course” in the subject line.

Thank you for your interest.

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