People like you make it harder for people like me!, bellowed the so-called graphic designer. 

Copywriting is the best job in the world, in my opinion. 

Given the rise of the “PC culture” over the last decade, a copywriter might wonder to what degree — if any — it might influence their copy.

Content writers who freelance often think of themselves as entrepreneurs, rather than as a formal business.

Copywriters love to buy information products from their peers. But there are some hidden dangers. Here are three things you should know about buying info-products from copywriters who are selling their knowledge:

I must confess that after 30 years in the copywriting business I have become jaded.

Did you know that it’s axiomatic in the direct marketing world that thoughts create feelings?

Thanks to the Internet, the copywriting world has changed dramatically. Much of it is for the better — such as the need for more copywriting — but some of our hard-won knowledge is getting swept under the rug.

I see it all the time… from newbies as well as master copywriters…

They say perception is everything…

And in marketing, that statement is particularly true.


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