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Copywriter Lynn Winslow shares her story in an email of July 28, 2017

Dear Fellow Copywriter, I can’t help but feel sad for all the copywriters who will miss out on a tremendous career launching opportunity when Chris Marlow ends her MMM coaching program. How fortunate for those last five students who are smart enough to take advantage of this last chance to work one-on-one with her. I’m one […]

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Copywriter Kevin X shares his story in an email from July 25, 2017

Some super-successful copywriters “hide” from the rest of us… did you know that? Sometimes it’s just because they’re shy, but other times it’s because they’d rather not have the limelight.  We live in a fishpond, us copywriters. And some of the copywriting world’s most desirable clients are right there in the puddle with us. So how would you like […]

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Copywriter Pam Magnuson wants to tell you… (email from July 25, 2017)

Dear Fellow Copywriter, Way back in 2005 I found myself in a tight spot.  My husband had just died and my mother had Alzheimer’s and I needed to have her live with me. All my life I’d had good jobs but they were outside the home. In something just shy of panic, I looked for […]

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Copywriter Shawn Dady’s story – from an email dated July 24, 2017

Shawn is one of my past students. I think we worked together three or four years ago. Like so many of my students, Shawn has become a friend. When I told her I was taking my LAST EVER group of coaching students for the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Course, she offered to […]

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Your first client meeting: 3 common mistakes copywriters make (and what to do instead)

Surely you’ve heard the old adage, “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When you’re trying to land your first client, the truth of this statement is amplified. That’s because there are things a new copywriter can do wrong in a first meeting! I recently prepped a coaching student for an on-site […]

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Copywriters and plagiarism: When it’s ok to ‘steal smart’

People like you make it harder for people like me!, bellowed the so-called graphic designer.  He worked for Office Depot in the printing department and I had committed the unpardonable sin of asking that some of my larger portfolio pieces be copied. These Direct Mail Packages and Print Ads were mighty fine looking with high […]

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Copywriting trade outs: 3 golden rules to live by…

Copywriting trade outs can be a great way to do business, but this type of arrangement — you work for free in exchange for something offered for free — is fraught with danger. Most of the time, the idea of a trade out comes from a small business that needs copywriting but doesn’t have the budget. […]

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Copywriting clients are right under your nose — if you know where to look

Copywriting clients are right under your nose — if you know where to look! Most copywriters are busy looking for clients “out there.” After all, we work with clients all over the world these days.  But what if I told you that your best clients might be closer than you think? If you live in the […]

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Copywriting + Marketing: your key to massive opportunity

Copywriting is the best job in the world, in my opinion.  But once you master copywriting — the kind that gets leads and sales — it’s time to turn your attention to marketing. This is because Copywriting PLUS Marketing vastly expands your options… and your opportunity. The Benefits of Knowing How to Write Copy Most copywriters enter the […]

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Should copywriters be ‘politically correct’?

Given the rise of the “PC culture” over the last decade, a copywriter might wonder to what degree — if any — it might influence their copy. Because the “word police” have been around for a long time; it’s just that being freelance, I’ve been able insulate myself from it. This topic does bring back […]

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