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Copywriters and plagiarism: When it’s ok to ‘steal smart’

People like you make it harder for people like me!, bellowed the so-called graphic designer.  He worked for Office Depot in the printing department and I had committed the unpardonable sin of asking that some of my larger portfolio pieces be copied. These Direct Mail Packages and Print Ads were mighty fine looking with high […]

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Copywriting + Marketing: your key to massive opportunity

Copywriting is the best job in the world, in my opinion.  But once you master copywriting — the kind that gets leads and sales — it’s time to turn your attention to marketing. This is because Copywriting PLUS Marketing vastly expands your options… and your opportunity. The Benefits of Knowing How to Write Copy Most copywriters enter the […]

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Should copywriters be ‘politically correct’?

Given the rise of the “PC culture” over the last decade, a copywriter might wonder to what degree — if any — it might influence their copy. Because the “word police” have been around for a long time; it’s just that being freelance, I’ve been able insulate myself from it. This topic does bring back […]

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Content writers can create a kick ass business with these 9 tips

Content writers who freelance often think of themselves as entrepreneurs, rather than as a formal business. I think this is a mistake because it allows a mind shift that says “I don’t have to follow the rules.” Well, content writers and copywriters may not have to follow the rules anymore now that they’re freelance, but […]

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Copywriters who give copywriters advice: 3 shocking truths

  Copywriters love to buy information products from their peers. But there are some hidden dangers. Here are three things you should know about buying info-products from copywriters who are selling their knowledge: 1. The information is rarely — if ever — complete. New copywriters often take the information at face value and are too inexperienced to […]

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Do thoughts come before feelings, and does it matter to copywriters?

Did you know that it’s axiomatic in the direct marketing world that thoughts create feelings? And that it’s not the other way around? Feelings don’t create thoughts… thoughts create feelings. I must confess that over the years I’ve accepted this as true. And I’ve allowed this “truism” to serve as a foundation of my creative […]

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Is it time for copywriters to become enlightened?

I must confess that after 30 years in the copywriting business I have become jaded. No matter what the vehicle — books, ebooks, conferences, masterminds, blockbuster controls, and email missives from noted gurus — I have felt there is nothing new under the sun for copywriting. Now let me say that I know that sounds […]

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Do you make this very common copywriting mistake?

I see it all the time… from newbies as well as master copywriters… …the improper use of plurals with numbers — especially when writing years. For instance, I often see “the 1980’s” when it should be “the 1980s.” Here’s an easy way to figure out what’s proper: Would you use a possessive if you spelled […]

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3 essential but ‘forgotten’ copywriting techniques

Thanks to the Internet, the copywriting world has changed dramatically. Much of it is for the better — such as the need for more copywriting — but some of our hard-won knowledge is getting swept under the rug. Here are three very important copywriting techniques that copywriters either aren’t getting taught, or they’re simply forgetting to […]

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Do today’s copywriters have tunnel-vision?

They say perception is everything… And in marketing, that statement is particularly true. Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of erroneous perceptions going on among the newer copywriters… especially those who have bought a lot of information from the many providers selling infoproducts in our space in the online world. What happens in the mind of […]

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