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Copywriter Lynn Winslow shares her story in an email of July 28, 2017

Dear Fellow Copywriter, I can’t help but feel sad for all the copywriters who will miss out on a tremendous career launching opportunity when Chris Marlow ends her MMM coaching program. How fortunate for those last five students who are smart enough to take advantage of this last chance to work one-on-one with her. I’m one […]

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Copywriter Kevin X shares his story in an email from July 25, 2017

Some super-successful copywriters “hide” from the rest of us… did you know that? Sometimes it’s just because they’re shy, but other times it’s because they’d rather not have the limelight.  We live in a fishpond, us copywriters. And some of the copywriting world’s most desirable clients are right there in the puddle with us. So how would you like […]

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Copywriter Pam Magnuson wants to tell you… (email from July 25, 2017)

Dear Fellow Copywriter, Way back in 2005 I found myself in a tight spot.  My husband had just died and my mother had Alzheimer’s and I needed to have her live with me. All my life I’d had good jobs but they were outside the home. In something just shy of panic, I looked for […]

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Copywriter Shawn Dady’s story – from an email dated July 24, 2017

Shawn is one of my past students. I think we worked together three or four years ago. Like so many of my students, Shawn has become a friend. When I told her I was taking my LAST EVER group of coaching students for the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Course, she offered to […]

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The Freelance Copywriter’s Success Blueprint

As a freelance copywriter, do you have an up-to-date Freelance Copywriter’s Success Blueprint for your business? For your life? Do you know exactly what you want? If I asked you what you want in life right now, in this minute, would you be able to offer a concrete answer? It’s a great irony that as we […]

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Get out ‘Little Me’! A tale of mind over matter…

The great operatic tenor Enrico Caruso stood behind the curtain of the stage he would soon be on. Looking out into the sea of expectant faces, Caruso was suddenly gripped with the worst stage fright of his life. His chest tightened and his vocal chords seized. Sweat was pouring down his face. He was frozen by the terrifying […]

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Ojuola Infotech (book thief) loses fight with copywriting community

Don’t steal from copywriters! I think that might be the message that book thief Ojuola Infotech may be getting this week as angry writers take to the Internet to defend one of their own, and do their own policing to “out” this low life scumbag. After my story came out (read it HERE), copywriters galvanized. […]

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Ojuola Infotech Scam | Nigerian Scammer and Thief

I had just finished presenting the Copywriters Pricing Bootcamp and was preparing to bring to market the most comprehensive pricing resource for copywriters ever created. The landing page was ready to go and I was getting excited about the launch. The attendees had been ecstatic about the content and I felt confident that the copywriters in […]

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Does age or sex matter in the world of copywriting?

I’ve been a working copywriter since I was 30. Now I’m 63. Many copywriters who are older than me are still at it… such as Herschell Gordon Lewis, Drayton Bird and Dan Kennedy. Copywriters wear their age well. This is partly because those who know direct marketing, know that that it’s a complicated subject that […]

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