Copywriter Lynn Winslow shares her story in an email of July 28, 2017

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

I can’t help but feel sad for all the copywriters who will miss out on a tremendous career launching opportunity when Chris Marlow ends her MMM coaching program. How fortunate for those last five students who are smart enough to take advantage of this last chance to work one-on-one with her.

I’m one of the many copywriters Chris helped “Find the gold in their careers.” Had I not taken Chris’s program, I would be among the thousands of “other” writers begging for clients and working for almost nothing. 

I don’t know how anyone serious about creating a high-paying copywriting career could even consider passing up the chance to be personally mentored by one of the most successful people in this business.

It reminds me of a story:

When we die, we go to a room where there are two doors. The sign on the first door says “Heaven.” The sign on the second door says, “Seminar on How to Get to Heaven.”

Guess which door has the line?

So, if you want to get to career heaven, choose the door that says “Chris Marlow.” You won’t regret it.

Lynn Winslow

Thank you Lynn, for sharing that with me and our copywriter friends. And for being one of my most cherished students.

This truly is the last time I will offer one-on-one coaching in the Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course.

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The original copywriter's coach, Chris Marlow has worked with copywriters since 2003. Her acclaimed Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course has produced hundreds of successful copywriters. Chris' S.S. Treasure Hunt membership site not only houses this course but four more on the subjects of Copywriting, Advanced Copywriting, Productivity, and Closing Clients. The S.S. Treasure Hunt also contains the world's only statistical pricing database for about 100 copywriting jobs. Chris has put together this resource to give copywriters everything they need to succeed — and nothing they don't. Chris is committed to helping copywriters focus on what's important, saving them from the time- and money-wasting Bright Shiny Object Syndrome so prevalent on the Internet.
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