Copywriting + Marketing: your key to massive opportunity

Copywriting is the best job in the world, in my opinion. 

But once you master copywriting — the kind that gets leads and sales — it’s time to turn your attention to marketing.

This is because Copywriting PLUS Marketing vastly expands your options… and your opportunity.

The Benefits of Knowing How to Write Copy

Most copywriters enter the field for the benefits of freelancing:

• You don’t have to commute

• You don’t have to dress up and go to meetings (unless you want to)

• The pay is phenomenal if you can bring results (and not bad even if you can’t)

• You can make your own hours

• You can reject bad clients and avoid office politics

• You can express a massive level of creativity and get PAID for it!

• You are your own boss (most copywriters hate having a boss!)

• The overhead is lower than probably any other business

• Clients (generally) respect your skills and treat you as an equal

• You can write from practically anywhere

• Copywriting is just plain FUN!

There are many more benefits of knowing how to write copy but note that if you focus solely on writing copy, you’ll always do just one thing, and that is write for clients.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want. You could even go big and become an agency, either virtual or not.

But what happens when you also study Marketing?


The Benefits of Combining Copywriting Skill with Marketing Skill

When you learn Marketing, you can do a much better job of landing clients, especially the ones you really want. But look what else you can do:

• You can offer higher-paid levels of marketing advice (including strategy, consultation, training and more)

• You can successfully work with more niche markets (including small business which is not a good niche if you write copy only)

• You can create additional streams of income and move away from the “feast or famine” nature of freelance copywriting

• You can attract your OWN buyers (for your own products, memberships, coaching, books, workshops, paid speaking gigs, etc.)

• You can build a mailing list — the most valuable asset of any business! (Some businesses go into business JUST to build a list they can rent or sell)

• You can dream up a job you’d enjoy and create it, as long as there’s market demand (such as Event Promotion or Statistical Report creation (something I’ve done since 2005)

Although it’s natural for copywriters to expand into kindred areas of business such as ebooks and coaching, developing a Marketing skill opens you to much wider — even massive — opportunities.

My current and past coaching students have combined Copywriting careers with Real Estate Sales, Day Trading, Alpaca Ranching, House Flipping, Batiking, Wine Competitions and more.

By combining the power of Copywriting + Marketing, there’s just about nothing a smart copywriter can’t do. 

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4 Responses to Copywriting + Marketing: your key to massive opportunity

  1. Nan Devlin March 6, 2017 at 1:36 pm #

    Agreed. It’s the same as a chef opening a restaurant. Yes, you need to know how to cook, but you also need to run a business.

  2. Chris Marlow March 6, 2017 at 11:28 am #

    Thanks for the feedback Shawn! I never knew how much the addition of marketing knowledge would change my career until it was right there in my face 🙂

  3. Shawn Dady March 6, 2017 at 9:49 am #

    Exactly right, Chris! This is what I’ve done and become a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads marketer as well! It’s made me a much more valuable commodity.

    • Chris Marlow March 6, 2017 at 3:24 pm #

      I love the analogy Nan… thanks for weighing in!

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