Do you know this dirty little secret about the copywriting niche?

bizzopp market600If you’ve been in marketing for any significant length of time, you get to know the niches.

In the marketing world, one of those niches is called “bizopp” (business opportunities).

It’s a huge niche. List owners rent those lists for lots of money because they’re so profitable.

It’s long been known that the bizopp market has a fatal weakness.

They desperately want to work for themselves but they’re insecure. So they buy and buy but rarely implement.

Opportunistic marketers take advantage of this by pumping out info-products ad nauseam.

Many years ago, before the Internet, I read an article entitled, “The King of Get Rich Quick.” This guy hired a bunch of copywriters to write little bizzop manuals on how to make $50,000 a year holding garage sales… how to build a successful small machine repair business… how to make a mint as a day care provider… and so on.

He quickly made a million selling the manuals in classified ads… and then I assume he retired. I never heard anything about him again.

Which brings me to a conversation I had with one of my current students. I’ll call her Scarlett.

She’s been a bizzop junkie, buying every copywriting book, every training, every promise she came across until one horrifying day she woke up in a panic. The money was gone and the prospect of getting a check from a client was as far off as it had ever been.

I don’t know how she found me. But she did and she sent me a very long letter detailing her history and predicament. Because she’s an unusually talented writer (and because I have a heart), I took her on under a special, but fair, coaching arrangement.

Now Scarlett is not tossing about like a ship in a storm. She’s more like an “anchor” in still waters. Running out of money caused her to panic, and panic caused her to find a real solution. She told me she was “happy” to have run out of money because it forced her to focus.

What I want you to get from this story is that if you feel frustrated with your progress, there is one place you can go to “get blinders on.” And that’s the S.S. Treasure Hunt — my unique membership site for copywriters.

We have the leading client acquisition program for copywriters since 2003. And now, as of 2015, we also have a copywriting course designed to get you leads or make you money because your assignment is an actual landing page, sales letter, or home page.

So no more Bright Shiny Objects. No more wrong turns and wasted money. No more squandered time. I like things that work together and get fast results. Copywriting + Marketing works together. And the S.S. Treasure Hunt helps you get fast results.

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About Chris Marlow

The original copywriter's coach, Chris Marlow has worked with copywriters since 2003. Her acclaimed Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course has produced hundreds of successful copywriters. Chris' S.S. Treasure Hunt membership site not only houses this course but four more on the subjects of Copywriting, Advanced Copywriting, Productivity, and Closing Clients. The S.S. Treasure Hunt also contains the world's only statistical pricing database for about 100 copywriting jobs. Chris has put together this resource to give copywriters everything they need to succeed — and nothing they don't. Chris is committed to helping copywriters focus on what's important, saving them from the time- and money-wasting Bright Shiny Object Syndrome so prevalent on the Internet.
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