Classic Marlow Marketing Method

Introducing the Industry’s Longest Running and ‘Most Proven’ Client Acquisition Course for Copywriters:

The Classic Marlow Marketing Method™ 

Yes, the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Program has been around forever it seems… since way back in 2003.

But even as powerful as it is, times have changed.

Although most of the course’s 24 modules will always stay relevant, technology requires that the teacher keep up, and in 2017 I spent four full months — yes, a full third of the year — looking for ways to help my coaching students be more successful.

The new information I found was hard to spot, but profound. I can now help my coaching students reach potential clients easier, connect with them more quickly, and close the deal faster.

There has also been a sudden and remarkable shift in niching opportunities for copywriters. With my own history and the niching work I’ve done for my copywriters over the last 14 years, I can confidently say that no one knows the niches as well as I do.

The business world is undergoing a metamorphosis and I’m blown away by what I’ve seen in niching opportunities over the past six months. “Now” is definitely one of the most exciting times to become a copywriter!


“Chris — I hope you are doing well. I want to share a success story with you. I’m so grateful you insisted I choose a niche during our coaching sessions 3 years ago. Although getting started was a challenge, becoming a B2B tech content and copy specialist was one of the best career moves I’ve yetjohn rugh made.

“I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. I’m now, through an agency that is my biggest client, doing email marketing and landing page copy for some of the largest, most successful tech companies in the world. If I had not taken your advice and chosen a niche based on my previous experience in IT, I don’t think I’d be where I am today in my business. Thank you very much for your help and guidance!” — John A. Rugh, B2B Copy and Content for Tech Companies, Austin, TX


Although I can’t reveal my new secrets here, I can tell you that the Classic Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Program has been updated in at least three significant ways.

These improvements not only help you do a better job of landing clients, but the entire program turns you into a demand-generation expert. The value of this can’t be overstated, especially if you’re niche is in B2B.


“I got to see Chris’ program at a live event last November. It’s virtually the same program she took me through back in 2004 — the one I credit for helping me take my freelance copywriting business to the six-figure level. There’s nothing like it out there. And you’ll pay a fraction of what I paid back then. If you’re serious about fast-tracking your success as a freelance copywriter, get it (and start applying it) today!” — Ed Ganda, Marietta, GA


I’m going to be honest with you and let you know that this course is a lot of work. I’ve had past students say they got more out of this 6-month course than they did from a semester of college.

But never fear. Hundreds have come before you, so you know it’s do-able.

The great thing about that… is this:

The Classic Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course is loaded with samples of their winning work. Work you can learn from, emulate, and one day, even add to!

One thing I always forget to say, but I’m reminded of, as I scan the following Syllabus, is that the Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course doesn’t just teach you how to land clients. It also teaches you how to run a successful business.

To be totally transparent, this is what you will learn and do as one of my few one-on-one coaching students for this year:


1) Find the copywriting niche that’s right for you
2) Write your powerful unique selling proposition (USP)
3) Learn how to attract clients by what you say

4) Optimize your website so you can be easily found
5) Create powerful case studies (even if you think you have none)
6) Write a USP-based business biography so your messaging is consistent

7) Use proven closed-loop business forms for a smooth running business
8) Discover how to submit your work so it’s always accepted the first time
9) Build your own unique mailing list of high quality prospects

10) Understand the many clues of great prospects — and poor ones too!
11) Identify the strongest marketing tactics for your niche in a one-sheet marketing plan
12) Understand your prospect’s #1 pain so you can create a free offer

13) Write a free offer title that’s powerful enough to bring hot leads
14) Write free offer content that convinces your prospect that “you’re the one”
15) Blog, ezine, or something else? Determine which is better for your audience

16) Write content for your “keep in touch” marketing that massively supports your USP
17) Write your branding tagline so it strongly distills the benefit you offer
18) Make branding decisions that make you attractive to your niche market

19) Build a home page that blends the best of art, science and marketing
20) Build out the rest of your site according to direct marketing best practices
21) Make your stationery sell for you with marketing enhancements and specialized branding

22) Create a “bulky mailer” that gets high open rates and response rates
23) Discover how to follow up for much higher response rate results
24) Close the sale in record time by understanding the “client dance”


“I have examined, and sampled, several products and services aimed at freelance copywriters, and I must say Chris Marlow’s coaching program stands head and shoulders above them all. Her professionalism sets her apart in this industry. With Chris, you will notice, there is no hype — just the promise of real value.

“And with her excellent coaching program, she delivers on that promise. The knowledge I gained from Chris helped me achieve a 20% response rate on my very first targeted campaign. I have no doubt that the knowledge I gained from Chris will profit me for many years to come. If you are serious about success in this business, you would do well to hire Chris Marlow as your coach.” — Pete Savage, B2B Copywriter, London, Ontario, Canada


Although I feel pretty adept at tooting my own horn, there is just nothing better than hearing it from the horse’s mouth. I’m going to share three more testimonials from past coaching students, and then I’ll invite you to apply for coaching in the Classic Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Program.


“I’ve freelanced full-time since 1985 for a Who’s Who of America’s top direct marketers. When nascent writers dig me up and ask about coaching, I tell them there is only one person I can recommend.

“It’s not me. It’s Chris Marlow.

“Chris is the real deal. As a hugely successful and respected working copywriter and info-product developer and marketer, she’s ‘walked the walk’ for years. And she’s worked pretty much every ring of the circus — in-house, agency, freelance and info-preneur.

“Chris has systematically codified what it takes to achieve lasting freelance success: credit-card swiping sales writing and 50% up-front self-marketing. She teaches both extraordinarily well, especially her bullet-proof Marlow Method™ for getting clients. You can spend years starving trying to figure out how to sell yourself. Or you can have Chris teach you how to bait the hook and land juicy clients right off the bat…

“Call Chris and do what she says. Unless you’re constitutionally unfit for self-employment, she’ll get you where you want to go.

“Finally, I have personally consulted with Chris in developing my own information products. Best money I ever spent. She knows her stuff, cuts through the fluff, and works her tail off. She’s funny and a joy to work with, too.” — Lea Pierce, Wordsmith, Santa Rosa, CA


“Chris’ coaching program is organized, practical and insightful. With Chris’ coaching, I was able to break into a demanding market and reach my goals quickly. I received nine responses from my first mailing to my target market. Today, I’m still benefiting from this mailing and from Chris and her experience in direct response.” — Jane Klassen, Copywriter, Ontario, Canada


“I met Chris Marlow when I was in crisis mode with my career. Buried with low-paying jobs from demanding entrepreneurs were making my life — and my family — utterly miserable.

“Through Chris I was able to focus on the financial markets, where I had to fight like crazy to get in. But now I have top-flight clients that value me, pay me well, and keep me as busy as I want to be.

“Chris is part coach, part baby-sitter, part psychologist, and part foot-up-the-behind motivator, all at the appropriate times. Don’t let her niceness and professional demeanor kid you. You slack off, and she’ll kick your butt into the middle of next week — in a classy and dignified manner — but the message still hits home.

“Even now, Chris remains a great resource and a source of wisdom as my career progresses. She is a unique coach with multiple talents that will help you achieve what you want — even if you’re not certain what you want right now… she’ll guide you to a place that fits so well you would have never imagined it possible…

“In the end analysis, it’s not the money. Money is only a means to an end. It’s also the sense of efficacy, that you have a developed skill that is in demand, and are respected. So you can look in the mirror at 3:00 a.m., and say, ‘We’re okay.’ That by the grace of God, and coaches like Chris, we are finally satisfied with what we’ve found, and where we’re headed.

“You gotta price tag on that?” 

— Kevin Dawson, B2C Financial Copywriter, Walled Lake, MI



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