Niches for Copywriters: what the new 2014 copywriters survey reveals…

Every copywriter knows that the first step to a successful freelancing career is to pick a profitable niche.

There are literally thousands of niches copywriters can work in, some horizontal, making up “types” of copywriting jobs such as sales letters, and some vertical, making up defined industries, such as technology.

In 2013, nearly 300 copywriters responded to a lengthy survey of more than 90 questions, most of them related to job pricing. In these surveys I always ask a few demographic questions so copywriters who access the Survey Report can get an idea of of what their competition looks like.

When questioned  about their niche, copywriters were very vocal. Here are some of the findings on copywriter niches from the 2014 Freelance Copywriters Fee & Compensation Survey™.

When asked, Do you have a specific niche you work in?, 57% said Yes (orange) and 43% said No (blue). There were 210 write-ins.

One new finding is that many copywriters indicated that they work not in one niche, but two. There were many pairings, such as “health and finance,” “B2B and fundraising,” “catalog and Web copy,” and so on.niche-pie-chart

Of the 210 write-ins, 50 indicated their niche as some form of Heath (Heath + Fitness, Alternative Health, Mainstream, etc.), making the Health niche far and away the most popular of all the niches.

This would indicate that the health niche offers perhaps the most opportunity — and perhaps, the most competition.

For that “other” big niche — Financial, which includes Real Estate and Insurance — there were 25 Survey Respondents, half the response seen by the Health niche.

Other popular niches were B2B, Travel and Hospitality, Technology, Non-profit, and Web copy. There were many unique “solo niches” such as Art, Hydroponic Gardening, Sweepstakes, Fishing, Nautical, Municipalities, and Food and Wine, to name a few.

Very surprisingly, the traditionally popular niches of Self Improvement and Business Opportunities showed poor selection, with just 5 respondents indicating for the Self Improvement niche, and only 1 indicating for Business Opportunities (BizOp).

The vast majority of niches were vertical (e.g., Health, Finance, Technology, etc.), while a much smaller portion were horizontal (e.g., Direct Response, Sales Letters, Autoresponders, Search Engine Optimization, etc.).

See the full list — and all Survey results including Statistical Pricing — in the 2014 Freelance Copywriters Fee & Compensation Survey™ section of the S.S. Treasure Hunt.

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  1. Lauren Francis March 10, 2014 at 7:50 am #

    This is kind of shocking to me (in a good way). I thought tech was the most popular niche. I didn’t know health and finance were in the frontrunning. Love this info. It’s giving me some ideas on other markets to pitch my services to. Thanks.

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