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Copywriters who give copywriters advice: 3 shocking truths

  Copywriters love to buy information products from their peers. But there are some hidden dangers. Here are three things you should know about buying info-products from copywriters who are selling their knowledge: 1. The information is rarely — if ever — complete. New copywriters often take the information at face value and are too inexperienced to […]

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Why don’t I have more clients?

 “Why don’t I have more clients?” “Why don’t they pay me more?” “How can I get my foot in the door to prove myself?” “What the heck do clients want?” Good questions. Even veteran copywriters ask these questions, especially since it seems harder and harder to reach the real decision-makers. That’s your first clue: the […]

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Productivity for copywriters: A paradigm shift

“Energy — not time — is our most precious resource.” That statement was, for me, at the time that I read it, a paradigm shift in my thinking about the nature of productivity. “Energy — not time — is our most precious resource.” Written by performance experts Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, The Power of […]

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Niches for Copywriters: what the new 2014 copywriters survey reveals…

Every copywriter knows that the first step to a successful freelancing career is to pick a profitable niche. There are literally thousands of niches copywriters can work in, some horizontal, making up “types” of copywriting jobs such as sales letters, and some vertical, making up defined industries, such as technology. In 2013, nearly 300 copywriters […]

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A simple way to make sure your new copywriting client says “yes!”

You have a new potential client and you’re nervous you might price wrong and lose the deal. Not to worry! A simple solution that I came up with early in my copywriting career is to give your new client options. How do you do this? Easy. You offer two Fee Agreements, one with all the […]

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