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Dear Fellow Copywriter,

Do you want leads?

Do you want hot leads?

Do you want to convert them to paying clients?

And bypass all the crap on the Internet about getting clients for copywriters?

It’s not cheap to buy into the new technologies that bring better results… but I spend the thousands of dollars it takes, so you can get it for cheap.

Because in the S.S. Treasure Hunt, I routinely provide you with cream-of-the-crop leads that exhibit certain characteristics that make them especially good prospects for copywriting work now.

PLUS, as a member of the S.S. Treasure Hunt, you’ll access these benefits:

  • An hour-long LIVE group “Roll Call” where you can share your progress, find encouragement, and get your specific questions answered;
  • As a new member you get a FREE Website Critique, just for the asking (value$250);
  • Master the skill of copywriting, market your business, and overcome obstacles with 5 high-end courses that provide the information you need through practical exercises and usable material;
  • Access recordings of critical workshops that examine particular aspects of niching, copywriting and marketing in depth;
  • Focus on conquering a key business concern through regular “group coaching” Regatta Challenges (short competitions designed to achieve a specific goal);
  • Know how to properly price your copywriting assignments through an exclusive database of Statistical Pricing for 90 copywriting and content jobs (this alone is worth your membership and can’t be found elsewhere!);
  • Interact with your colleagues for feedback, support, and information through the members-only Forum;
    Steal from the best — and get valuable behind-the-scenes statistical and strategic info that reveals how and why a marketing piece won. No one else has the real-world, modern day Swipe File you’ll find in the Treasure Hunt;
    Enjoy browsing the Recommended Book list — and contributing your own recos, and know that these books are the “best of the best” so you don’t waste time;
  • Find dozens of designers, webmasters, editors, assistants and even ebook pros personally-recommended by my large, trusted network to help with your projects;
  • Best of all, you’ll have direct access to me — your Captain — through the weekly Roll Call (a FREE Group Coaching phone conference).

sandy fox“Of all my writing/copywriting/marketing memberships I have or have had in the past, I hold your copywriting site as the best in the business. First, it’s an-all-in one membership. There’s thorough copywriting training, then skilled marketing help, and finally supportive coaching calls. I have used the essential pricing guide to give me confidence in my fees. Chris is always approachable, knowledgeable, and on target in her advice. I feel she cares about my success.” — Sandy Fox, Mountain Home AK


Right now you can try out the membership for 5 full days for just one measly dollar — risk free!

If you like what you see, do nothing and you’ll be charged a $35 membership fee on a continued monthly basis. And while you can stop at any time, most members stay for years. Join now with this special offer and find out why!

kevin dawson“Even now, Chris remains a great resource and a source of wisdom as my career progresses. She is a unique coach with multiple talents that will help you achieve what you want — even if you’re not certain what you want right now… she’ll guide you to a place that fits so well you would have never imagined it possible.” — Kevin Dawson (of the fuzzy picture), Financial Copywriter, Walled Lake, MI

Now, let’s take a closer look at what membership at the S.S. Treasure Hunt has to offer.

Get direct guidance and support via the weekly ‘Roll Call’ coaching sessions:


“This is such a great service and such good advice… truly wonderful… I can focus on where I truly need help and it accelerates my progress. In one hour’s time, I can target the challenges that are most pertinent. The impetus it gives me for the rest of the week is just incredible. A lot of things are coming into focus that were fuzzy to me for such a long time.” — Diana Manchester, Diana Manchester Advertising & Design, Monrovia, CA


———————————————peter t. britton


“I want to hear practical answers, do-able solutions, and ideas that make me think and see the possibilities. Unpretentious and straight-forward, Chris Marlow reminds me of why I got into this business in the first place: to focus on the things that help me make money! Thank you Chris.” — Peter T. Britton, The Write Answers Consulting Services, Vancouver, B.C.


Linda Revero


“Chris, I must tell you that every time we finish a conversation, I am so focused and so excited about what we’re doing. It’s terrific.” — Linda Rivero, Copywriter/Speaker on Multicultural Communication, Alexandria, VA


The courses in the S.S. Treasure Hunt were all developed to provide you with a straight and fast path to income. There are not “filler” or “extras” to distract you and take extra money from you and lengthen your accomplishment.

It’s simple: A Direct Response Copywriting Course that combines the best of the old masters with the best of your contemporaries.

A Direct Response Marketing Course that teaches you industry standard Direct Marketing so you can land clients the professional way.

A Productivity Course for Writers (the only one in the world); and an NLP Course for those who want to increase their copywriting and salesmanship skills. Everything is designed so you can put blinders on, focus on what’s important, and move forward steadily without distractions.

Exercises that Produce Results

Writing requires practice, but you don’t want to waste the hours you put in. With the courses in the S.S. Treasure Hunt, your practice material serves a practical purpose. Everything you produce ends up being used in your business. Your learning efforts bring a direct reward in money or clients!

Lower Cost

You’ll get access to FIVE specialized courses that you can easily work through, each in a matter of months — and the cost for membership during that time is less than you’d pay for JUST ONE course from most other places. I am exploding the marketplace with a way to provide the finest teaching with the lowest cost.

Currently in the S.S. Treasure Hunt are:

  • Marlow Method™ “Earn While You Learn” Direct Response Copywriting Course

This twelve-module course takes you through all the foundational elements of copywriting, which you use to generate leads for your business, or a landing page for a product you want to sell. All the essentials you need to get going are here.



“You can spend years starving trying to figure out how to sell yourself. Or you can have Chris teach you how to bait the hook and land juicy clients right off the bat. Call Chris and do what she says. Unless you’re constitutionally unfit for self-employment, she’ll get you where you want to go.” — Lea Pierce, Master Copywriter, Santa Rosa, CA


  • Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Course

This is my original course and has been the leading client-acquisition course for copywriters since 2003. To date it has produced more successful copywriters than any other marketing program. Through this course, you progress from finding the niche that’s right for you, to closing a new client. Everything you work on along the way becomes part of your marketing material.

nancy moore“Marlow Marketing Method is an outstanding course in every way: content, coaching, practical usefulness in starting a new career/business, and integrating concepts into actual practice. I applied solid, proven marketing concepts to creating my own business. I literally, designed, created, and executed my business plan during the course. — Nancy Moore, Redmond, OR


  • Productive Profits™ for Freelance Writers Course

In this course, I apply the best knowledge of productivity experts to the writer’s life specifically, helping you be more productive, enjoy your work more, and even improve your health. I address four life areas: Organization, Physical, Mental, and Emotional/Spiritual.

“Thank you, Chris, for helping me break through a marketing block that has plagued me for a long time. Your advice to me was both timely and priceless!” — Jim Slay, Doctor of Religion, J.S. Professional Coaching, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


  • Influence Intelligence™ NLP Copywriting Course

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) studies how humans process language, and can be used to enhance persuasion in personal relationships and sales copy. This course, developed by Clive Cable and myself, applies NLP intelligence specifically to copywriting.

“You’ll be a better writer after just one session… but why stop there?” — Chuck Vadun, Sr. Copywriter, Intuit, San Diego, CA


  • FOCUS Solutions for Business Success: A Proven System for Eliminating Blocks

Back view of cheerful woman with hands up facing sunrise

Hurry! This course is on loan only through 2016 from copywriter and hypnotherapist Pam Magnuson and addresses common obstacles blocking business success. Pam’s hypnotherapy instruction helped me beat a very dangerous invasive breast cancer in 2010. I asked Pam to create this course for you.

“I took the FOCUS Solutions course with no prior expectations, but I came out of the sessions with concrete goals, an improved commitment to what I wanted, instead of what I didn’t want from my life. I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to break the log jam we get into when negative thinking bogs us down.” — Robert F.

Your entire journey is here in just these five courses:

  • Start by learning the fundamentals of copywriting.
  • Find your niche and learn marketing skills for procuring high quality, high value clients that will define your career.
  • Improve your productivity and increase your income and satisfaction.
  • Go deeper into advanced copywriting skills to be even more effective.
  • Remove any obstacles that are hindering your progress.

All you really need are the copywriting and marketing courses — a 9 month commitment (less if you work fast). The other three help you excel and go higher, making you more money for your efforts. No matter where you are right now, you’ll find something on the Treasure Hunt to keep you productive and achieving.

Right now you can try out the membership for 5 full days for just one measly dollar — risk free!

If you like what you see, do nothing and you’ll be charged a $35 membership fee on a continued monthly basis. And while you can stop at any time, most members stay for years. Join now with this special offer and find out why!

Attend new workshops at a discount to focus on particular aspects of your business — and enjoy unlimited access to past workshops you may have missed

I offer periodic workshops that focus on a particular aspect of copywriting, other types of writing, marketing, business, or other subjects designed to increase your income. S.S. Treasure Hunt members always have first opportunity to register for these workshops — which then will be open to the public — and members will receive a substantial discount (up to 50%) on the fee.

Nothing beats attending the online event live, as you interact, get answers to your particular questions, and enjoy the benefit of the real-time impetus to take action. But if you can’t make it, or want to review the material, workshops will, in time, become part of the workshop and training archives.

And what a rich resource those archives provide! Right now, you can find my famous Copywriter’s Pricing Bootcamp, the most comprehensive collection of pricing, negotiating, strategy and resources ever devised (28 tools in all!), plus special workshops on Niching and Client Acquisition.

Race to success through regular Regatta Challenges!

a l'avant de la regateIn the S.S. Treasure Hunt Regatta Challenges, you compete against yourself to complete important tasks that affect the success of your business.

For example, early Regattas focused on drafting a business or marketing plan (or at least creating some goals), and prospecting for clients.

With Regattas, you can give yourself the extra push to accomplish something you’ve needed to get done the right way — but haven’t. Regattas focus on the important things that bring you clients and income.

If you decide to participate in a Regatta, you get your questions and concerns addressed in a group coaching call. As a Crew Member on the S.S. Treasure Hunt participating in a Regatta, you can encourage others as they encourage you. And I — as your captain — will keep you accountable.

“Regatta challenges keep me focused and give me concrete, actionable steps to move my work forward.” — Sandy Fox, Mountain Home AK

Keep your business sharp by staying current on crucial developments and getting assistance when needed

Did you know that the total information in the world is now doubling every year — and soon will grow even faster than that? It’s impossible to keep up to date, even if you spent your whole day just doing that.

But if you insist on having a roof over your head as a freelancer, in today’s world you need guidance in what to pay attention to… and more importantly, what not to.

One thing that helps is more eyeballs out there. You and your fellow Crew Mates, as well as myself and the other leaders, distill and share the knowledge you need. We are all filters for ourselves and in a group coaching we can be filters for each other. One small bit of advice can prevent a copywriter from months of wrong turns. Group coaching not only works, but it creates strong bonds, camaraderie, and motivation. We are a family.

The Resources section of the S.S. Treasure Hunt offers a variety of information and aid, beginning with a list of people whose services have been personally used and recommended by fellow Crew Members. When you need tech help, a virtual assistant, or a graphic designer, this is a safe place to turn.

But don’t stop there. Continue scrolling to find out the top 50 companies that mail… current marketing trends… inspiration… helpful articles… free magazines… and more. I only add what I think you really need. You’re on information overload already. Again, I’m helping you narrowcast so you can actually get to your goals.

Resources isn’t the only area on the website for these priceless nuggets of information. I also provide essential tips, discussion topics, and techniques in the blog. Plus, you can check out the best writing, marketing, and business books in the Reading Nook.



“Whenever I have a question, whether it’s about how much to charge, what to do with a confidentiality agreement, or whether I’ve nailed a headline, Chris takes away the question mark.” — Heather Sloan, INfusion Marketing Communications, Inc., West Linn, OR

Answer the freelancer’s biggest question: How much should I charge?

Are you cutting your income by charging too little for your services… or are you losing business because your prices are too high? You want that sweet spot, the price that fairly (or even generously) compensates you for your time and knowledge, while not turning off prospective customers. How do you know what that is?

Over 10 years, I’ve conducted Statistical Pricing Surveys of hundreds of copywriters — and the latest results are available only in the S.S. Treasure Hunt. Any type of project you can think of is here, along with the amounts that copywriters have charged. You’ll see the high, the low, and the median, as well as the percentages of copywriters charging in each price range. The 2014 Survey is exclusive to the S.S. Treasure Hunt and has never been shared anywhere else. Some members consider Private Access to this easy-to-use online database a major advantage over their competition!

Imagine how much confidence you’ll have when you price, with access to the only comprehensive statistical pricing database in the world! You’ll never underbid a project again if you realize what it’s really worth (or overprice and lose the potential client for good).

If you’re new, or unsure of your skill in an area, you can price on the low end. But if you’re particularly great at that type of job? Quote at the high end. Either way, you’ll know that you’re in a valid range. What a relief to know that you can quit biting your nails and rest easy!

barbara hales

“Chris Marlow’s Statistical Pricing Survey information is invaluable to fresh and experienced copywriters alike. While one is eager to take on new projects and new clients, without knowing the going rate for these projects, we are either pricing ourselves out of the market or short-changing ourselves. Chris gives us the key insight for current pricing. Thanks Chris!” — Barbara Hales, Boynton Beach FL

Reluctant client? I’ve been able to say, “According to the most recent edition of The Freelance Copywriters Fee & Compensation Survey™, I’m actually charging you $100 less than most copywriters get for this type of job.” Cite this official resource, and the argument ends. You can stand your ground in confidence, and get paid what you’re truly worth.

Even better, combine the database Pricing Survey with the guidance of the archived Copywriters Pricing Bootcamp workshop, and you’ll have everything you need to properly and confidently bid your projects. It would be literally impossible to find a better or more comprehensive resource for pricing your project anywhere other than the S.S. Treasure Hunt.

Give and receive in the members’ forum

Got a dilemma? Need strategy advice? Something important happen that needs quick feedback? The S.S. Treasure Hunt member forum lets you connect with me directly. Where else in the world will you get access to a copywriter’s coach for such a low monthly fee? Get in now, because this is one offer that could change depending on growing use of the forum versus my available time.

robert wedge“The forum is a valued tool that I use often. I can think of no other resource where professional advice is so accessible, and helpful to the success of each member.” — Robert Wedge, Charter Member, Venice FL

A Swipe File unlike any other

Having a well-stocked Swipe File is basic advice for any copywriter. Keep examples of the best headlines, leads, bullet points, packages, and other examples of great copywriting. When you need inspiration, go to your Swipe File for ideas that you can emulate, borrow from, and tweak to fit your own situation.

However, the Swipe File on the S.S. Treasure Hunt is different. Much of it is contemporary, and a lot of it is my own work. Some pieces have won me the highest international award for response rate, the esteemed ECHO Award.

Many of the projects include the actual data behind the work… the other factors that can affect the success of a campaign that copywriters rarely get to see. How much was the client’s budget? How many pieces were mailed, and what was the response rate? What was the reasoning behind the concept? What were the main challenges? How did the strategy turn this into a win?

These additional insights will help you understand more of the thought-process that goes into a campaign, making you even more valuable to your clients — value they’ll pay for.

There are also pieces provided just so you can study formats and layouts. This swipe section provides more than an education on great copy — it helps you understand all aspects of direct response.

All that sounds great, but who am I?

I am Chris Marlow, the original copywriter’s coach. Back in 2003 I recognized that copywriters were not being served by the coaching community. I could also see a lot of pain around the process of gaining clients.

I created the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Program and copywriters came to it in droves. I spoke at several AWAI Bootcamps and trainings and because of the success of my Marlow Marketing Method™ program, my reputation grew.

My programs work because I’ve worked for and with world-renowned direct response agencies throughout my career (Rosen/Brown, Direct Marketing Solutions, The Kern Organization, and Creative Direct Marketing Group, to name a few). And I’ve learned what it takes to make copy that sells, and what it takes to market copy that gets leads and sales. In the larger Direct Marketing community I’m not only recognized for my International ECHO Awards, but I’ve also been a part of the International ECHO Awards judging panel in subsequent years.

Some of my more recognizable clients have included Microsoft, Intuit, Network Associates, Agora, Symantec, IBM, Blue Cross, Nike, Reebok, Toyota, TRW, Disney, and Dell Computer.

Though I stress the value of dominating one’s niche, I’ve worked with nearly every category of business in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, and a broad array of formats, from classic packages to magalogs to 3-dimensional campaigns and all forms of online, including long-form video. Since 2003 I’ve taught hundreds of copywriters how to write effective white papers and campaigns that bring in the leads and the ROI.

chris marlow headshot150When you join the S.S. Treasure Hunt, you’re getting lots of wonderful material, helpful tools, and unequaled expertise. But what you’re getting more than anything else is my genuine help.

I host the weekly Roll Call, where I answer questions, provide insights, and direct the Regattas. It’s a Group Coaching call that provides plenty of personal attention. I also host workshops requested by the Crew Members.

Can you imagine having personal access — every week — to any of those other prominent copywriters? Can you imagine them participating in a forum and answering your questions? Can you imagine them knowing anything about you or your career?

Yet you get such access to me as part of your monthly membership. I

“Oh my goodness, I am ecstatic with my coaching. You gave me great advice that I never would have thought of on my own, you showed me concrete plans to put my own ideas into action, and you helped me develop the self-confidence to market myself in the first place.” — Jane Ward, Case Studies Specialist, Hingham, MA

All the materials… all the information… all the guidance… all the challenges… all the help… all you need… now for only $35 per month

Membership in the S.S. Treasure Hunt is an incredible bargain. Just to review, here’s a recap of what you’ll enjoy as an S.S. Treasure Hunt member:

  • My guidance and expertise through the weekly Roll Call, the Regatta Challenges, and the forum.
  • A list of assistants recommended by my 13-year network.
  • “Cut to the chase” book recommendations in the Reading Nook (designed to help you focus on the right materials).
  • A contemporary Swipe File, complete with statistical background or case study material.
  • An interactive forum for quick answers to pressing questions.
  • The answer to every pricing and negotiating question you may face.
  • The world’s only statistical Job Pricing Guide for 90 jobs, with pie charts and more so you can price right and earn more.
  • News, tips, techniques, and other information that’s essential for you to stay current.
  • Regatta Challenges to help you compete with yourself (in a group setting) to motivate you to action and/or become the best you can.
  • Results-oriented Workshops at up to 50% off, and “free” access to recordings of past workshops.
  • Five practical courses that provide 100% of what you need to be a successful copywriter and no “come-ons” for info purchases you don’t need.

Just consider…

  • By becoming a Crew Member in the S.S. Treasure Hunt, you will save at least 50% on results-oriented “Client Acquisition” or “Profit Generating Workshops” that over the course of a year will save you hundreds of dollars.
  • For 13 years copywriters have paid $6,000 for one-on-one coaching for the Marlow Marketing Method™ for Copywriters Client Acquisition Course, and in the rare moments I sold it as a self-study, it sold for $597. Do the math yourself.
  • I charge $250 an hour for private coaching. Enjoy my help weekly for one hour (4 to 5 hours a month) — plus access via the forum — for just $35 a month.

In order to maintain this phenomenal price, I do ask for a one-year commitment.

You’ll be charged each month, so you don’t have to come up with the whole amount at once, but the one-year commitment enables me to keep the price low.

But of course, you may cancel your membership at any time, end your access, and no longer be charged.

tracy douglas


“I regard you as an incredibly valuable resource and you can bet I’ll be relying on your expertise as my business continues to grow. I’m grateful to know you. I simply could never recommend you highly enough. To all of you who choose to work with Chris, I say, ‘Get ready… she will change your life!'” — Tracy Douglas, North Hollywood, CA


Is membership in the S.S. Treasure Hunt for you?

I already mentioned that this membership isn’t for everyone. Although the content is extensive and wonderful, if it’s just more information to you, just one more resource, then please, don’t join us.

The one goal of the S.S. Treasure Hunt is to provide full support and tools for “fast moving copywriters.” This is where you can find your niche, learn copywriting, and get great clients.

But you have to commit.

Plan to attend the Roll Calls, challenge yourself in the Regattas, and take workshops that interest you. Be active in the forum. Share your expertise to help your fellow members, as they will help you.

The S.S. Treasure Hunt is the only membership site built to get you to your copywriting goal as fast, as inexpensively, and as honestly as possible.

Is it right for you? Only you can decide that. If you’re willing to make the commitment to use the resources to actually achieve your goal, we welcome you.

But if your insecurities make you more comfortable living in the BSO (Bright Shiny Object) world, then you should spend your money with others who have business models designed to keep you perpetually buying but not necessarily reaching your goal.

This membership as an opportunity to stop “dreaming” and start “succeeding.” It can be your chance to stop the endless search for “that missing something” that will finally turn you from a wannabe to a real, paid copywriter.

Because whatever it is that your copywriting career needs for success, the S.S. Treasure Hunt membership provides it.

Hoping to see you on board,

Chris Marlow

P.S. — Remember, membership is not always open and will close soon. I am NOT interested in having the burden of wannabes who waste my time.

The S.S. Treasure Hunt is not a BSO. If you’re serious about a successful copywriting career, then come with the one resource that has all the focused tools — and not all the extraneous crap that costs, confuses, and separates you from your money and keeps access to your dreams just one more purchase away.

From the very beginning — which has taken 13 years to build — the S.S. Treasure Hunt is the true “fast track” to copywriting success. It’s everything you need and more importantly, nothing you don’t. And it’s now available to you for just $35 per month, for a limited time.

If you really want to win, you know what to do

“I am committing. For just $35 USD per month I’m making a ‘Sailor’s Oath’ to a One Year membership in the S.S. Treasure Hunt for active participation in my success!”


“I just want to say a BIG thank you to Chris for all the resources she has offered in her SS Treasure Hunt membership. Through her highly detailed ‘Marlow Method For Getting Clients’ course, I was able to identify a niche with to focus on, with worldwide potential.

Not long after I joined, Chris added a ‘Learn as you Earn’ copywriting course. If you need a good enough reason to join her membership then this course alone would be worth joining it for.

But Chris doesn’t just stop at two just courses. There’s also a course on Productivity. She recently added an hour long call where you can get your specific questions answered.

There’s also a database of recommended prices for copywriting and content jobs just in case you’re not sure of what to charge. There’s also member’s only forum. There’s also a nice swipe file to learn from. And if that wasn’t enough then there are also interviews with experts which you can pick up a lot of valuable gems from to enhance your career.

Chris has clearly over­delivered in this course and at the price she’s offering it at, to call it a bargain would be an understatement. If you haven’t yet achieved the results you’re looking for then give Chris’ membership a try. If you’re not happy for any reason you can cancel at any time but I think you’ll probably stay for a while, like I did.” — Mustafa Vanancio, London, UK


We are excited to welcome you aboard the

S.S. Treasure Hunt

…where you’ll find the gold in your career!

Sailing in San Diego

Chris Marlow Sailing in San Diego Bay

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