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Learn Copywriting, Land the High Ticket Clients, and Live the Lifestyle

Will today be the day you change your future?

The Marlow Method™ “Earn While You Learn” Direct Response Copywriting Course

This course takes you through all the foundational elements of copywriting, using the best information from not only me, but the world’s other top copywriters who have contributed significantly to copywriting knowledge, and whom I’ve curated here.

You’ll find out what made Parris Lampropolus so famous; why Gary Halbert was the “Prince of Print”; how Clayton Makepeace rose to “Copy God” status, and what Gary Bencivenga knew that make him quite possibly the world’s most talented copywriter.

Plus there are examples of work done by lesser names who are still top names in the copywriting world. As well as a lot of agency work for clients like Disney and Dell and Toyota (this is my stuff).

Unlike other copywriting courses, the Marlow Method™ “Earn While You Learn” Direct Response Copywriting Course gives you a practical assignment — you work on something you can actually use.

For instance, do you need a sales letter sample? Then work on that. Do you need a landing page? Then do that. 

If you have an assignment from a client, then use this course to create that assignment!

This is why I named it the “earn while you learn” copywriting course.

aaron-hughes-headshot“Chris, this course was amazing! I’ve been a student and practitioner of copywriting for the last 5 years or so. And during my time, I’ve read books and taken random smaller courses. But this really solidified things for me, in a codified way. It helped me ‘put it all together’ and feel more confident in the frameworks and principles I’ve learned here. I love the real-world examples and the exercises. I can tell my copy has already gotten stronger. Thank you again for putting together this incredible resource for copywriters like me, looking to up my game!”
—Aaron Hughes, Staff Copywriter, Precision-Nutrition, Toronto, ON

But this isn’t all… I also have material from a very advanced form of persuasion — NLP.

Influence Intelligence™ NLP Copywriting Course

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) studies how humans process language, and can be used to enhance persuasion in personal relationships and sales copy. This course, developed by the U.K.’s Clive Cable and myself, applies NLP intelligence specifically to copywriting.

“The difference between the first presentation I did for our organization and the power it had after adding NLP copywriting, was utterly remarkable. If you want to improve your copy 100-fold then you should learn these techniques. It’s nearly impossible to get this kind of learning. I highly recommend it.” — Lisa Berman, direct response copywriter, Milwaukee, WI

So you will continue to grow in your copywriting skill, and have the means with which to reach truly high places in your career!

Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course for Copywriters

The classic Client Acquisition Course since 2003. All other Client Acquisition Courses for copywriters are built upon this framework. Sweepingly comprehensive and proven for more than a decade, the Marlow Marketing Method™ lifts you from the common struggles of new copywriters and positions you to work with the High Ticket Clients. These clients offer you the path to success because they pay much better, provide you with quality samples for your portfolio and success stories for your Case Studies, and most important of all… you will learn from them, keeping you advancing in your career at all times. 

nancy moore“Marlow Marketing Method is an outstanding course in every way: content, coaching, practical usefulness in starting a new career/business, and integrating concepts into actual practice. I applied solid, proven marketing concepts to creating my own business. I literally, designed, created, and executed my business plan during the course. — Nancy Moore, Redmond, OR

Client Getting for Copywriters

The Marlow Marketing Method™ Client Acquisition Course gives you a deep education in lead-generation while showing you how to build very sophisticated marketing to land the High Ticket Clients. It seeks to give you the education and materials to not only be a copywriter, but a very smart lead-generation marketer. 

Client Getting for Copywriters, however, is all about the speed of client acquisition. It cuts your time-to-market in half with the goal of getting client income in the door as quickly as possible.

In addition, you will be able to market FASTER, DEEPER, and MORE NARROWLY using strategy and tools proven to bring the FASTEST results from today’s marketplace.

Marlow Marketing Mastermind™: Getting to YES

This unprecedented course gives you everything you need to successfully convert new clients. We look at psychology, phone and email “hacks” for common situations, and give you a complete step-by-step system for closing the client, successfully handing in stellar work, and for keeping your new client.

This course underscores what the S.S. Treasure Hunt is all about: giving you the real tools for real results, and a real career — and no Bright Shiny Objects.

The 2014 Freelance Copywriter Fee & Compensation Survey™

This is a statistical pricing database of 90 copywriting jobs, complete with pie charts, analysis, and commentary. This research also contains copywriter economic data such as common hourly rates, yearly income, and more.

There are copy cats, but only one Freelance Copywriter Fee & Compensation Survey available in a keyword searchable database. 

The pricing mistakes you don’t make, and the smarter pricing decisions you do make, will pay for your coaching many times over.


Comprehensive Copywriters Pricing Bootcamp

Offered in Workshop format and covering every aspect of job pricing imaginable. Starts with the basics and ends with rare information on royalties, contracts, and even additional ways copywriters make money by adding services, brokering, and more.

The most comprehensive collection of pricing, negotiating, strategy and resources ever devised (28 tools in all!)

Plus The World’s Most Comprehensive Productivity Course for Writers!

Now that you’re converting great clients, you’ll want to focus on improving your business income. Nowhere else will you find a a more comprehensive productivity course written just for writers:

Productive Profits™ for Freelance Writers

In this course, I apply the best knowledge of productivity experts to the writer’s life specifically, helping you be more productive, enjoy your work more, and even improve your health. I address four life areas: Organization, Physical, Mental, and Emotional/Spiritual.

“Thank you, Chris, for helping me break through a marketing block that has plagued me for a long time. Your advice to me was both timely and priceless!” — Jim Slay, Doctor of Religion, J.S. Professional Coaching, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


sandy fox“Of all my writing/copywriting/marketing memberships I have or have had in the past, I hold your copywriting site as the best in the business. First, it’s an-all-in one membership. There’s thorough copywriting training, then skilled marketing help, and finally supportive coaching calls. I have used the essential pricing guide to give me confidence in my fees. Chris is always approachable, knowledgeable, and on target in her advice. I feel she cares about my success.” — Sandy Fox, Mountain Home AK


kevin dawson“Even now, Chris remains a great resource and a source of wisdom as my career progresses. She is a unique coach with multiple talents that will help you achieve what you want — even if you’re not certain what you want right now… she’ll guide you to a place that fits so well you would have never imagined it possible.” — Kevin Dawson (of the fuzzy picture), Financial Copywriter, Walled Lake, MI

The S.S. Treasure Hunt also contains other tools to help the copywriter build a thriving, professional business:

    • Access to recordings of past workshops that examine particular aspects of niching, copywriting and marketing in depth;


    • Access to a real-world Swipe File that contains modern info, including the behind-the-scenes statistical and strategic info that copywriters rarely get to see;


  • Access to robust lists of recommended books, resources, and lead sources;

“I want to hear practical answers, do-able solutions, and ideas that make me thinkpeter t. britton and see the possibilities. Unpretentious and straight-forward, Chris Marlow reminds me of why I got into this business in the first place: to focus on the things that help me make money! Thank you Chris.” — Peter T. Britton, The Write Answers Consulting Services, Vancouver, B.C.


Linda Revero“Chris, I must tell you that every time we finish a conversation, I am so focused and so excited about what we’re doing. It’s terrific.” — Linda Rivero, Copywriter/Speaker on Multicultural Communication, Alexandria, VA




A sailing theme turns work into fun and creates a sense of community.

Occasional Group Coaching calls bring the Captain (me) and the Crew together, “on deck.” We call these events Roll Call. When those times come, a notice goes up in the membership and an email goes out alerting to the date and time for a conference call, and the topic to be discussed.

In addition, there are private Facebook groups where members can communicate with each other as they work through the courses. Most important, however, is the Copywriters Getting Results Group. This group is only about posting results…

…because RESULTS is all that matters.


“Whenever I have a question, whether it’s about how much to charge, what to do with a confidentiality agreement, or whether I’ve nailed a headline, Chris takes away the question mark.” — Heather Sloan, INfusion Marketing Communications, Inc., West Linn, OR


barbara hales


“Chris Marlow’s Statistical Pricing Survey information is invaluable to fresh and experienced copywriters alike. While one is eager to take on new projects and new clients, without knowing the going rate for these projects, we are either pricing ourselves out of the market or short-changing ourselves. Chris gives us the key insight for current pricing. Thanks Chris!” — Barbara Hales, Boynton Beach FL



robert wedge“The forum is a valued tool that I use often. I can think of no other resource where professional advice is so accessible, and helpful to the success of each member.” — Robert Wedge, Charter Member, Venice FL

———————————————tracy douglas

“I regard you as an incredibly valuable resource and you can bet I’ll be relying on your expertise as my business continues to grow. I’m grateful to know you. I simply could never recommend you highly enough. To all of you who choose to work with Chris, I say, ‘Get ready… she will change your life!'” — Tracy Douglas, North Hollywood, CA


Sailing in San Diego

Chris Marlow Sailing in San Diego Bay

Coach with Chris and find the gold in your career

S.S Treasure Hunt membership is by invitation only. If you are a copywriter or you want to become a copywriter, I invite you to connect with me in LinkedIn.

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